Mobile text marketing is far more effective than radio, print, television and online marketing. This is due to the high delivery ratios, which result in more customers actually receiving your message. These days, sms marketing is a proven winner.


A well thought out campaign can have dramatic effects on your business. It’s safe to say that mobile text marketing is an increasingly sound investment, and here’s why!

How Effective Are Texts, Really?

  • Increase the value of your lists. Because 94% of all text messages are read, your subscriber lists are more powerful than email (25% of messages are opened) – period.
  • Short, direct and effective. Send text from computer programs that get straight to the point. People respond to quick, easy to consume messages. Your texts are 140 characters or less. Less fluff, more benefits.
  • Mobile text marketing is not intrusive. Managed correctly, your marketing messages are seen as helpful, instead of spammy nonsense.
  • Real time means real profits. When you know  how to mobile market, message delivery is instant and highly interactive – saving you valuable time, and outrageous launch costs.
  • Texts can go viral. Viral mobile text marketing is on the rise. With creativity and strategy, 1 of your texts can be seen by thousands of people.
  • Large brands have proven that text marketing is a money spinner. Personal mobile communities buy more than larger online communities.

Right now, Americans subscribe to over 5 billion text lists. There is hardly a soul alive that doesn’t own a phone, and many use it to shop for what they need while on-the-go. It’s not the efficiency of mobile text marketing in question, the stats speak for themselves.

The question you need to be asking is – “how will sms marketing improve my business?” What creative techniques can I use to increase my monthly income and my bottom line? Only you can make mobile text marketing a highly efficient tool for your business success.

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