Marketing Automation

When you want to convert leads, engage customers or do anything in between, Automation Sequences do the heavy lifting. Create a series of steps that are performed at just the right time to drive higher engagement and results.

Automation Sequences can start and stop automatically, and include emails, text messages, actions, delays and branching. Use them to sell more products and services, promote events, deliver birthday Offers and so much more!

Set it and forget it

Target Precisely feature icon

Target Precisely

Delivering the perfect message starts with selecting the right Contacts. MindMe allows you go easily segment your Contacts and target them precisely by Contact attribute, response or engagement.

Type, List, Interest, Tag, Birthday, Offer redemption, Campaign activity, Mobile Page opens and more.

  • checkAttributes like Type, List, Interest, Tag and Birthday
  • checkResponse from Question, Poll, Feedback and Download
  • checkOffer Award, Redemption and Expiration
  • checkCampaign opens, Mobile Page clickes, etc.
Built in Logic feature icon

Built in Logic

Creating logic-based Branching is extremely useful when you need to take a Contact down different paths based on an answer to a question or data capture from a Form, Poll, Question, Feedback, etc.

Enjoy powerful options like multi-criteria Branching, A/B Testing, Branch Priority, Primary/Alternate Branches and intelligent Wait options to deliver the perfect communication in every situation.

  • checkConditional Logic
  • checkSet Branch Priority or Execute on All Matches
  • checkSeparate Primary and Alternate Branch Logic
  • checkA/B Testing
Advanced Timing feature icon

Advanced Timing

Timing is everything. Send the right email or text at the wrong time and it will be ignored. Wait too long before sending critical information to a prospect who requested it, and they’ll go to a competitor.

MindMe offers multiple advanced timing options to help you increase engagement and sales, and to make sure each Contact only receives your Sequence when you want them to!

  • checkRun on Specific Days
  • checkRun at Specific Times
  • checkDelay by Time or Date
  • checkIntelligent Wait options
  • checkSend Once or Repeat
Powerful Actions feature icon

Powerful Actions

In addition to sending Communication, you can add Actions to your Sequences. Update a Contact, deliver an SMS or Email Notification to your staff, transfer a Contact to another Sequence and more.

Actions are incredibly powerful and can be triggered to automatically perform specific tasks, or a series of tasks as part of an Automation Sequence.

    Flexible Communication feature icon

    Flexible Communication

    Marketing Automation with Email or Text alone is so yesterday. Now you can send Email and Text Messages right in your Sequences. And you can improve deliverability with built-in Smart Reminders and Text Replacement when an Email is not available.

      Build High Converting Sequences with Ease feature icon

      Build High Converting Sequences with Ease

      Create powerful and intelligent Automation Sequences with Conditional Starts and Stops, Email and Text Communication, Actions, Delays and Branching.

      Easy-to-Use Builder

      Create and display your Steps logically in order using our visual Builder.

      Take Action

      Update Contacts, Send Notifications, Transfer to other Sequences and more.

      Flexible Start Options

      Start your Sequence multiple ways - manually, on opt-in or Conditional based on a Contact’s properties.

      Automatic Suppression

      Stop your Sequence automatically when a Contact’s properties change. Want to stop sending new Offers once a Lead becomes a Customer. No problem!

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      I was speaking at a convention with 16,000 attendees and had people signing up while I was changer.

      Conni Ponturo

      Absolute Pilates Upstairs

      Switching to MindMe from a leading email only program gave us so many more options to connect with patients. Their combination of email, text messaging, landing pages and marketing automation is a game changer!

      Dr. Marylee Mundell

      Pediatric Care Group, P.C.

      When we needed a proven way to get more walk-in and repeat business, we turned to MindMe. We began promoting our e-club using their easy-to-use mobile marketing solution and the results came pouring in!

      Andy Nannoshi

      Uncle Andy’s Pizza

      Creating e-newsletters with MindMe is easy with drag and drop tools. I can embed social media links, logos and promotions to catch each visitor’s attention. Everything is mobile friendly!

      Tilly Wright

      Content & SEO Ninja

      An amazing all-in-one marketing solution! We’ve seen huge growth in our business. The ROI has been strong. We can generate lots of new leads off of a single campaign.

      Dr. Scott Hernberg

      Tomorrow's Wellness Center